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Updated RCT Checklist

Take a look at our newly updated RCT checklist. Following a review by Erica Ison & Penny Grey, and by using feedback from the CASP community, we have made some slight changes to the overall structure and content, and some changes to terminology.

Here are a couple of the changes we have made, which we hope will make this checklist even easier to follow and use:

We have changed the structure from 3 to 4 sections –

  • Is the basic study design valid for a randomised controlled trial? (Section A)
  • Was the study methodologically sound? (Section B)
  • What are the results? (Section C)
  • Will the results help locally? (Section D)

We have used the term ‘intervention’ instead of ‘treatment’ because some interventions in the research literature may not be medications or surgery.

A summary box has been added at the end for users to record the key points of their critical appraisal of the paper, useful for looking back at previous appraisals, and for CPD purposes.

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