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CASP has created a series of short critical appraisal online training courses and learning modules so that you can increase confidence when reading research, but in your own time and space.

CASP lead trainer, Erica Ison has developed these online training courses in response to increasing demand for accessible learning modules in a time when critical appraisal skills are more important than ever.

Who are these online training courses for?

These short online courses are designed for all healthcare professionals including medics, dentists, nurses, midwives, paramedics, radiologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and pharmacists. Relevant to any stage of a career, established professionals may look to complete the course as evidence of CPD and for their portfolios, and the skills will also be highly relevant to junior staff, trainees, and undergraduate/postgraduate students.

We believe that critical appraisal skills are important for decision making at any point, not just for your professional life but also your personal life.

Our online training courses are also helpful for healthcare educational researchers and any other learners who:

  • Need to critically appraise and stay abreast of the healthcare research literature as part of their clinical duties.
  • Are considering carrying out research & developing their own research projects.
  • Make decisions in their role, whether that be policy making or patient facing.

Our courses

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Introduction to Critical Appraisal

£6.00   |   30 Minutes

This course will give you an overview of what critical appraisal is and how you can develop your learning in this valuable skill.

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Introduction To The Critical Appraisal Of Randomised Controlled Trials

£15.00   |   45 Minutes

This course can help you understand what RCT’s are, and the key factors to look out for to assess the risk of bias and decide if the results are trustworthy.

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How to use a CASP Randomised Controlled Trial (RCT) Checklist

£15.00   |   2 Hours

This module will guide you through the questions in the CASP Randomised Controlled Trials checklist and show you the key pointers to look for when reading a paper, and what the questions mean in each section. 

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Finding & Searching for Evidence

£45.00   |   2 Hours

This course can guide you through the process for finding relevant research evidence, formulating answerable clinical questions, developing effective search strategies and running your own searches efficiently and effectively to answer your own clinical questions.

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Making Sense of Results: Measures of Effectiveness In Randomised Controlled Trials

£15.00   |   25 Minutes

This module will guide you through the questions in the CASP Randomised Controlled Trials Checklist and show you the key pointers to look for when reading a paper, and what the questions mean in each section. 

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RCT Module Bundle

This module bundle package includes:

  • Introduction to the critical appraisal of Randomised Controlled Trials (RCT’s)
  • How to use a CASP randomised controlled trial (RCT) checklist
  • Making Sense of results: Measures of Effectiveness in Randomised Controlled Trials

Duration: 2hrs 6mins Approx.
Access to module: 12 months from purchase
Price: £37.50 (Excluding VAT)


  • Highly affordable - Courses start from as little as £6!
  • Professional training - CASP are leading experts in Critical Appraisal training
  • Self directed study - Complete each course in your own time and when it suits you
  • 12 months access - Access to our online courses lasts for 12 months so you can revisit areas you aren’t sure of
  • CPD Certification - After each module has been completed, you will receive a CPD certificate


  • The content was relevant. The use of simple examples to illustrate the importance of critical appraisal in relation to patient care. The Treatment of Scurvy Story was a great illustration to explain some of the factors which may affect the implementation of research findings. This was a game changer for me and I will use this example to illustrate why it sometimes takes ages for research findings to change clinical practice..

  • 1. Good introduction to critical appraisal 2. Simple language, easy to learn, adequate pace

  • Very clear lessons. Detailed and comprehensive explanations. Practical and with good examples.

  • I liked that the content was clear, concise and useful. Gave both theoretical and practical knowledge and gave the necessary tools to use when critically appraising an RCT.

  • Clear definitions and explanations. Statistics will always befuddle me, but this made sense.

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