CASP’s knowledge hub includes:

CASP Checklists

CASP has produced simple critical appraisal checklists for the key study designs. These are not meant to replace considered thought and judgement when reading a paper but are for use as a guide and aide memoire. All CASP checklists cover three main areas: validity, results and clinical relevance.


On this page are links to definitions for the jargon words often used in research and the numbers and statistics used to describe it. For many of these terms, a simple description is all that is needed. If you see a term is missing, contact us and we will try to add it in for you.

Useful Links

A list of recommended websites and resources to look at, relating to evidence-based healthcare, statistics and research.


A complete list (published & unpublished) of articles and research papers about CASP and other critical appraisal tools and approaches, covering from 1993-2012.