Do i have to book using Eventbrite?


We use the Eventbrite booking system for our stand alone workshops, however you are also welcome to contact us if you would like to pay by organisation (we will require a PO number and invoice address). If your organisation would like to send multiple participants onto a workshop we can also offer a discounted rate.

Do i have to book using Eventbrite?2022-04-26T14:50:16+01:00

Can i publish the checklist in my work?


In terms of using the CASP checklist, we have a creative commons license for these, so we are happy for you to use them in your work as long as they are attributed. Please see our web page here for how to reference them -

Can i publish the checklist in my work?2022-04-26T14:44:13+01:00

How do i score my answers when using a CASP checklist?


As these tools were designed as pedagogic tools – for use in learning how to appraise in small groups, we do not assign a scoring system. We would advise that if you can’t answer ‘yes’ to the first 2/3 questions, then the evidence may be of poor quality. Classifying quality (or risk of bias) as high, moderate or low, based on the CASP tool would be perfectly acceptable. The dominant opinion these days is that scores can be misleading, and it is better to report the actual domains where there are biases.  

How do i score my answers when using a CASP checklist?2022-04-26T14:43:24+01:00

Are the CASP checklists a validated tool?


The CASP checklists were developed as a pedagogic teaching tool, for use within our workshop settings. They would be used to show the process of how to critically appraise and the sorts of questions people should be aware about – therefore increasing their critical thinking. They are usually used within small and large group work, with discussion. therefore, they were never formally validated. In a workshop setting we would usually point out that the 1st 2/3 questions are ‘screening’ questions, and if the answer is no to those, then generally the paper is not worth looking at. The checklists were created in 1993 [...]

Are the CASP checklists a validated tool?2022-04-26T14:41:57+01:00
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